Weeping Willow Plant

Weeping Willow Plant. Most gardeners appreciate pussy willows. Weeping willow trees grow between 66 and 82 ft.

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The chinese reference dates back to 400 b.c. You may get only 20 or 30 years out of a tree, or less, though with space to grow, abundant water, and a little luck, you could very well get 50 years or more out of your beloved willow tree. Chrysocoma , which is a hybrid of salix babylonica and our native white willow, salix alba.

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Willow Trees Plant

Willow Trees Plant. We suggest a planting distance of 1.5 times the. Willow inhabits temperate areas that provide enough moisture and direct sunlight.

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To avoid damage from roots, plant willows far away from sidewalks, houses and water pipes. Because of their graceful shape and elegance, weeping willows are popular landscape garden trees. Water immediately after planting and twice per week for the first six months, unless it rains.

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