Fishtail Palm Plant

Fishtail Palm Plant. Request free quote buy a plant call 8554plantz email: You can also use a humidifier in the room where you place your palm.

Fishtail Palm
Fishtail Palm from

There are about 13 species native to asia (china, india, indonesia, etc.), northern australia, and the south pacific. Fishtail palms are tropical palm trees indigenous to parts of southeast asia. This makes them uniquely special too look at.

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Mexican Fan Palm Plant

Mexican Fan Palm Plant. The mexican fan palm grows up to 3 feet a year once established, delivering a tropical look to your garden in no time. You can grow a young plant in a container to give your deck or patio a tropical look, but do not plant one in a small yard since they need large, open areas.

Bonsai Tree Seeds Mexican Fan Palm Skyduster 5 Seeds
Bonsai Tree Seeds Mexican Fan Palm Skyduster 5 Seeds from

Wendl.) is a genus of sunflower in the palm family. Mexican fan palm (washingtonia robusta h. Superb in groupings or lining long driveways in larger landscapes.

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Parlor Palm Plant

Parlor Palm Plant. Parlor palms offer a graceful touch of tropical splendor making them a very popular houseplant suitable for numerous living spaces. Here are the signs of an overwatered parlor palm plant:

3 gal Neanthe Bella Parlour Palm Indoor Plants
3 gal Neanthe Bella Parlour Palm Indoor Plants from

Plant a parlor palm seed about 1/4 inch deep into the soil and cover with the potting mix. Parlor palm, neanthe bella palm. Although some indoor parlor palms may occasionally produce fruit, to encourage flower and fruit production, you should try to offer your mature houseplant some outdoor time when the weather permits.

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Parlour Palm Plant

Parlour Palm Plant. Having one of these plants in your parlour was a way of proving your wealth and position in society. Native to mexico and guatemala, it’s also known as neanthe bella, good luck palm and dwarf mountain palm.

Parlour Palm Branch PNG Images & PSDs for Download
Parlour Palm Branch PNG Images & PSDs for Download from

Read our parlour palm care guide below to learn how to keep your plant in it’s best condition. The family arecaceae includes 183 and about 2385 species of perennial trees, shrubs or lianas, commonly known as palm trees distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the world (stevens, 2012).the genus chamaedorea comprises approximately 110 species, all palms of the understory. Parlour palms gained their popularity due to being such an easy care plant requiring very little maintenance and being much more shade tolerant than other popular houseplants.

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