Calathea White Star Plant

Calathea White Star Plant. Curly or dry leaves suggest, the plant is dry and needs watering. Often mistaken for its relative species, the calathea ornata or the pinstripe calathea, the white star plant has more stripes that almost fill the whole leaf.

Star Light Ficus Plants, Yellow plants, Anthurium plant
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It also resembles the vittata variety. Calathea white star is an exceptionally beautiful variety of calathea that’s native to various regions of south america such as brazil, ecuador, and peru. The calathea white star can tolerate low light but loves humidity.

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Calathea Lancifolia Plant

Calathea Lancifolia Plant. Most gardeners are attracted to the plant because of the large leaves. In general, calathea lancifolia plants do indeed enjoy a good amount of water.

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The burgundy underside only enhances the contrast of the dark green patterns; A rattlesnake plant is a fairly tall, with leaves that can grow 30 inches tall or more. A great landscaping filler for shady spots in the garden, or ornamental pot plant.

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