Parlor Palm Plant

Parlor Palm Plant. Parlor palms offer a graceful touch of tropical splendor making them a very popular houseplant suitable for numerous living spaces. Here are the signs of an overwatered parlor palm plant:

3 gal Neanthe Bella Parlour Palm Indoor Plants
3 gal Neanthe Bella Parlour Palm Indoor Plants from

Plant a parlor palm seed about 1/4 inch deep into the soil and cover with the potting mix. Parlor palm, neanthe bella palm. Although some indoor parlor palms may occasionally produce fruit, to encourage flower and fruit production, you should try to offer your mature houseplant some outdoor time when the weather permits.

The areca palm leaves on the other hand are smaller, but you could see as many as 40 to 60 pairs of leaves from each stem.

***bare root plants will ship without a pot and soil. Parlor palm, neanthe bella palm. Native to tropical rainforests in guatemala and southern mexico, parlor palms or neanthe bella palm (chaemaedorea elegans) are also relatively compact and work great in hallways, living rooms, and open plan areas.

For victorians, the parlour was the best room in the house, where you would receive your fanciest visitors and display your fanciest possessions.

In general, your parlor palm plant will start looking sick if you provide it too much moisture. The parlor palm is a palm tree native to southern mexico and guatemala. Native to mexico and guatemala, it’s also known as neanthe bella, good luck palm and dwarf mountain palm.

Parlor palm, neanthe bella palm.

It’s been a popular house plant since victorian times, where it was shown off in the parlour, the best room in the house. The parlor palm (chamaedorea elegans) has long been used as an indoor plant. Growing a parlor palm tree indoors is ideal because it grows very slowly and thrives in low light and cramped space.

Parlor palms ( chamaedorea elegans) are part of the arecaceae family and are native to the tropical rainforests of guatemala and southern mexico.

Read on for some quick tips to help you save your parlor palm before it dies! These leaves grow upright and can grow as long as eight inches. Overwatering parlor palm plants can result in irreversible defects.

The parlor palm is cultivated as an indoor plant all over the world, and in some parts of the southeastern united states, it can also successfully grow outdoors.

Parlor palms, also known by their botanical name chamaedorea elegans, are beautiful indoor plants that are common in the united states. Keep reading to learn how to care for a parlor palm plant. This lovely plant with deep green foliage was first discovered in central america and brought back to the united states where it immediately became a popular indoor palm.

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