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Guide to teach you correct Pilea Peperomioides (Chinese
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The money tree is a perfect indoor foliage plant to give you a tropical feel. A money tree's roots need to be able to fill the pot. What is a money tree.

This guide to money tree plant care will ensure yours grows tall and healthy and avoids the common money tree issues.

Never plant more than one money tree seed in a pot at a time. One of the key factors to successful money plant care is proper watering. One might expect that the symbolism of the money tree goes back centuries.

The money tree plant is also highly idolized by those who practice feng shui because they commonly sprout five leaves on a stem.

Botanically known as the pachira aquatica, and a member of the malvaceae family, it is the perfect indoor guest if you want a tropical feel. They do require a good amount of light to thrive, so make sure you find a sunny spot for your jade plant. Read customer reviews & find best sellers.

The top of the plant is allowed to grow outward normally, so that the lucky leaves can flourish.

Follow these money tree plant care instructions for the best results. What is a money tree. Money trees are meant to have an even, balanced shape, so you mainly need to prune your plant whenever there are branches or leaves extending from the top or sides of the tree.

The money tree does best in a humid atmosphere.

Propagate your money tree using stem cuttings in the spring or summer, when the plant is actively growing. How to plant a money tree. A money tree's roots need to be able to fill the pot.

In reality, the first modern money tree was cultivated in taiwan as a bonsai by a truck driver in the 1980s!

This money tree has a braided trunk with bright glossy foliage, and it adds positive energy, goodness and livelihood in the house if grown as a houseplant. Moving the plant to new locations too often can be stressful for a money tree and may cause the plant to drop leaves. Under ideal conditions, money tree houseplants can grow quickly.

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