Ilex Verticillata Plant

Ilex Verticillata Plant. Noted for its heavy crop of red berries, ilex verticillata berry heavy® (winterberry) is a useful shrub with excellent year round interest. Profusion of early season fruits;

Winter Red Winterberry (Ilex verticillata)
Winter Red Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) from

It is in flower from may to. The winterberry, otherwise known as the ilex verticillata or common winterberry, winterberry, michigan holly, black alder, ilex bronxensis, ilex fastigiata, ilex verticillata var. Tenuifolia, is a somewhat well known shrub plant native to the southeast, northeast, and the southwest of the.

They are followed by a profusion of magnificent cherry red berries from fall throughout winter.

Profusion of early season fruits; Commonly grows in damp areas throughout much of wisconsin. Hedge, rain garden life cycle:

It can be found throughout alabama.

Ilex verticillata, or winterberry, is dioecious (meaning individual flowers are either male or female, but only one sex is found on any one plant so both male and. It is in flower from may to. If a male of the same species is nearby, flowers on female plants will give rise to the thick clusters of red berries among the green leaves, or.

Fruit globose, bright red, about 6 mm wide, often in pair.

It’s best known for its bright red berries that it forms in late fall/winter. Abundant bright red fruits hug branches on the female plants from fall into winter. One male winterberry plant will effectively pollinate up to six female plants.

Winterberry ( ilex verticillata ) tolerates poor drainage and wet areas and is very showy in fruit.

Home » plant » ilex verticillata (winterberry) plant. Adapts to many soil types, best in moist, organic soil. Eastern north america fire risk rating:

Bark grayish and alternate branches.

Hardy to usda zone 3 a hardy holly. Common winterberry is a native deciduous shrub in the holly family (aquifoliaceae). Winterberry shrubs are dioecious, meaning individual plants are either male, or female.

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