Ficus Tineke Plant

Ficus Tineke Plant. The leaves of a ficus elastica tineke are large, thick, and leathery. Keep away from pets and small children.

Rubber Plant Growing Tips for this Easy Care Indoor Tree
Rubber Plant Growing Tips for this Easy Care Indoor Tree from

The ficus tineke is moderately simple to care for, just make sure to provide bright light and water consistently. It does well in bright light. In tropical forests, it grows to enormous size and looks like a large branched tree.

This plant is toxic if ingested.

Ficus tineke is famous for its fast growth and wide foliage. Outdoors trees may reach between 50′ feet tall or more. The flower should be cut for sanitary purposes at least three times a year.during such a haircut, dry leaves and old shoots are removed.

The ficus tineke is often grown as a houseplant.

Ficus elastica is quite a versatile plant when it comes to light requirements,. All varieties have a robust, architectural appearance which is very dramatic, especially as the plant grows larger. Ficus tineke plant is a cultivar of ficus elastica that is one of the ‘new’ highly variegated rubber plants available.

Keep the soil moist, but not wet.

Average household humidity is a good fit for this plant. Ficus tineke here is a new and pretty rubber plant with very large leathery variegated leaves of green and cream and a touch of burgundy overtones. If you do not take care of the plant and do not trim the top in time, then the flower can grow to the ceiling.

A no fuss plant that can grow into a tree over time, a must have for any avid plant collector.

This plant speaks for itself. The ficus elastica ‘tineke’ is not cold hardy, so if you live in a zone that gets colder than 35°f (1.7°c), it’s best to plant this plant in a container that can be brought indoors. Ficus elastica tineke is a variegated rubber tree variety having dark and light green patchy leaves with creamy edges and pink stems.

With hues of light green, cream, and even some pink, this indoor plant makes a soft but striking statement.

Temperature requirements for ficus tineke houseplants. It does well in bright light. With its stunning leaf pattern in pale yellows, soft pink and green, the tineke is an absolute beauty which is a must have plant for any collector.

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