Ficus Audrey Plant

Ficus Audrey Plant. But don’t let the staggering height intimidate you—it doesn’t take much to make your ficus plant grow huge and healthy. They do not grow well in areas that receive low light or too much shade.

Ficus Audrey Care (Ficus benghalensis) Smart Garden Guide
Ficus Audrey Care (Ficus benghalensis) Smart Garden Guide from

The ficus audrey plant is often used as a replacement for the fiddle leaf fig plant, which is much harder to take care of. Toxic to people, toxic to pets Its foliage is dark green with neon green veins.

Planted in a 140mm black plastic nursery pot.

We highly recommend it for your ficus audrey! A robust, evergreen, tropical shrub with decorative foliage. The ficus audrey, also known as ficus benghalensis is a much less dramatic cousin to the ever drooping fiddle leaf fig.

Then slowly add more water until the excess flows from the.

These tropical plants are best grown indoors in cooler climates as they are sensitive to colder weather and frosty. A little warmer will be okay, but it’s best not to go lower than 60ºf (16ºc). Each ficus audrey is handpicked from the greenhouse, carefully packaged, and directly shipped to you!

Ficus audrey, known to the world of science as ficus benghalensis, is one extraordinary plant species.

In the wild, a single ficus audrey can produce a canopy covering over 200,000 square feet. This plant is a good choice for intermediate to advanced plant parents as it does not tend to be forgiving of fluctuating light or water conditions. This indoor plant will thrive in medium to bright indirect light.

The ficus audrey, or ficus benghalensis, is a woody plant with structural tissues on the stems—making it grow unusually tall.

Let’s go over some pieces of care advice as well as some frequently asked questions to help you troubleshoot some common problems. The large leaves are deep green with a striking white vein. The ficus audrey is a beautiful plant, native to india.

65 to 98 feet tall outdoors;

Your new ficus audrey size: Ficus benghalensis audrey is an ornamental indoor house plant. It loves humidity, but keep it away from draftier areas of your home.

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