Dichondra Repens Plant

Dichondra Repens Plant. This stunning ground cover becomes smaller and tighter with increased light intensity. Auckland botanic gardens, new zealand.

Dichondra Silver Falls How To Care And Grow Plant?
Dichondra Silver Falls How To Care And Grow Plant? from theplantsgarden.com

Dichondra repens requirements and features. Simply cut the tiles to shape to provide instant infill between the pavers, softening the hardscape. Some of the most recognized include dichondra argentea or silver falls, dichondra repens or lawn leaf, and dichondra carolinensis or carolina ponyfoot.

Not affected by frost , this australian native is hardy under most conditions, staying green through winter.

A creeping plant that spreads widely from underground stolons, making it a good ground cover. How to grow dichondra repens in a garden. Wonderful as a living mulch as recommended by the nsw office of environment and heritage.

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You can either move it to a bigger container or divide the plant and replant just a section of it in the same container. Some of the differences among these include the foliage colour, and each species’ uses. Choose a place in the garden that gets part shade to filtered sun and is protected from the afternoon sun.

Dichondra leaves are kidney shape hence giving it the common name of kidney weed.

It is also used as a soft lawn alternative which doesn’t need mowing, though it won’t stand up to hard traffic. For best coverage, break plants apart to cover a larger area. It grows small flowers, which are white to green.

Dichondra repens will only grow to 10 centermetres high by 30 centermetres wide.

Auckland botanic gardens, new zealand. Plant in shaded areas to create a dense lawn, dichondra will tolerate light foot traffic. Silver falls literally softens areas with its.

Dichondra is a small genus of flowering plants in the morning glory family, convolvulaceae.

It can form the base of your flower bed or replace grass. Commonly know as kidney weed dichondra repens is native to new zealand and many parts of australia. The lovely silver or pale green foliage creates a dense mat of leaves that soften any area.

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