Creeping Jenny Plant

Creeping Jenny Plant. Cover the plant with a shade net or something similar to avoid wilting. It prefers moist, fertile soil but spreads less aggressively in drier, poorer soil.

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The plant is native to europe but grown in the us and in other places as ground cover. All that is required is to establish new plants by digging up a section of an existing patch, separating them, and planting them in new soil. Creeping jenny belongs to the family of primulaceae, which is the primrose family, and it is native to europe and western asia.

This makes it a good choice for beginners.

Try to keep the plant in shade in the afternoon hours when the climate is hot. The botanical name of creeping jenny is lysimachia nummularia. Creeping jenny is a versatile ornamental plant that provides pretty foliage that “creeps” along and spreads to fill in spaces.

Always check the soil dryness to determine if you should give the creeping jenny plant some water.

An excellent edging plant to hide pond liners and baskets and provide cover for pond life. Creeping jenny needs consistently moist, but not soggy, soil. It can be used as a ground cover on banks, stream banks, near ponds or.

It is the golden creeping jenny, lysimachia nummularia ‘aurea’, that makes an excellent trailing plant, a little less vigorous than the green form.

It prefers moist, fertile soil but spreads less aggressively in drier, poorer soil. Other common names of this plant include moneywort, herb towpernce, and towpenny grass. Creeping jenny is known by the alternate names moneywort, creeping charlie and twopenny grass.

Creeping jenny is considered to be an invasive plant in some places and may not be available at your local nurseries.

Although native to europe, creeping jenny ( lysimachia nummularia ) has naturalized to north america. Use our water calculator to personalize watering recommendations to your environment or download greg for more advanced recommendations for all of your plants. Creeping jenny (lysimachia nummularia), also known as moneywort, is a species of evergreen perennial plant from the primulaceae family.

Other invasive plants are bugleweed and creeping myrtle.

Sometimes creeping jenny plants wilt when they have too much water. Lysimachia are a varied group, some are low creeping woodland plants, sometimes called ‘creeping jenny’ or ‘moneywort’. It can be aggressive and invasive, though, so growing creeping jenny in a pot is a great way to enjoy this perennial without letting it take over the whole garden or flower bed.

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